Episode 1 – The Lamps Go Out

Does North Korea have a secret “kill shot”? And can America survive it?

Tonight, we are travelling 72 miles above the American heartland into the region of space just beyond the earth’s envelope – to look at a nuclear weapons effect – essentially an accidental discovery in 1962 – come back to haunt us, half a century later. Tonight, we’ll look at the possibility of a world with no America. In the second episode of this series, we’ll look at ways to escape that fate.

A word about my investigative method: I swear by field research, so every interview is on location. The plan is that every couple of months, I’ll take you on an investigative journey. In return, I’ll ask you for a personal favor: Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your tribe – we all have some affiliation or another – leave the social media, the partisan baggage, leave it all behind. Just for one hour, let’s travel light.