Podcast Team


Ethan Gutmann – Author/reporter


Si Gross – Field production

  • Veteran photojournalist with an eye for investigative stories
  • Works closely with top international media outlets
  • Highly accomplished in editorial photography, illustration, sound design, video interviews, and satirical pop art
  • 1st class Fine Art degree from Univ. of Central Lancashire

Huw Olesker – Composer/Sound engineer

  • Presenter/Producer and head of international broadcasting at Soho Radio in London
  • Producer, engineer and composer for Back To The Phuture Radio Show on BBC 6
  • News Guide Award nominee for Best Solo Artist in late 2010
  • Widely recognized as a prodigy ukulele performer/songwriter at age 13 and signed by Turf Records

Benjamin Grundy – Podcast Editing and Mixing

  • Professional Podcast host and producer
  • Creator of the award winning Mysterious Universe Podcast

Normann Bjorvand – Promo editor

  • Awarding winning screenwriter/director
  • Founder of Cine Craft Collective
  • Producer/director at NTD Nordic
  • Key visionary and media consultant in the creation of ETAC

Special thanks

To City Hall Records – particularly Josh, and Caroline – for the use of “Benjamin Bowmaneer” by the New Golden Ring on Folk Legacy Records, “Five Days Singing,” Volume 1